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Softlight Inc. in association with Canamedia Productions Inc. and Bravo!FACT have produced the successful short drama: "The Audition".

It has played numerous film festivals and is currently in rotation on Bravo!. It is distributed by Canamedia. The film was directed by Hagan Carlile (media director of Softlight Inc.) and produced by Helen Prancic, Indra Seja and Les Harris.

The Audition as a film, sets the stage for a group of unusual film producers, who will test how far an actor will go to get a role. This film is a dark drama, with a strong satirical tone. It illustrates the dehumanising processs of an audition and how actors, in search of a role, will put themselves into unusual and possibly dangerous situations. This story concerns one actor that has the audition of a lifetime.

The cast is made up of a strong line-up of Canadian talent including James Kidnie, R.H Thomson and Eric Peterson. It also boasts art direction by talented production designer Brian Rice and a soundtrack by Canadian musician Johnny Fay of the rock group- The Tragically Hip.


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